# 204  basking with Whity Organiser


What I was wearing;

[HAIR]  Cheer No  / Hair SANDRO -Blonde

[SWEATER]  Massico Creazione  / Chenile Tan

[JACKET]  Gabriel  / Leather&Down Jacket -Brown  (NEW)

[PANTS]  GizzA  / Tartan Pants -Green

[SHOES]  Jeepers  / Citton -Olive

What He was wearing (Whity Organiser);

[HAIR]  RED MINT  /   No.4 -Scandinavia Blond

[SWEATER]  Massico Creazione /  Knit Andrew 03SL

[GLASS]  Chronokit  /  Glasses03

[PANTS]  justB  /   Frayed Unisex Jeans -Light Wash  (NOW ON PROMO)

[SHOES]  Gos  /   Desert Boots -Dirty Suede

[SOCKS]  LOOP  /   Crunch Socks


What I was wearing;

[DOWN VEST] Gabriel  / 2010Down Vest Men -Brown

[SWEATER]  Massico Creazione  / Chenile Tan

[NECKLACE]  KOSH  / Wise Owl Necklace

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