# 23

[HAIR]     Find Ash   /   "FA"Jet Spike   mesh brown
[SHIRT]    GABRIEL   /   GB Drape shirt  brown
[VEST]    GABRIEL    /   Down Vest  leopard
[PANTS]     AOHARU    /   Vintage Denim   dark  (with belt)
[BOOTS]     Gos   /   GTFO Shoe
[NECKLACE]     Vincenra Rosca   /   Easy Rider Sparc Plug   male
                             Vincenra Rosca   /   Necklace Born To Be Wild   male

My recommendation ・・・

 Vincenra Rosca

[NECKLACE]  Easy Rider Sparc Plug 
on  1st floor 
[NECKLACE] Necklace Born To Be Wild 
       (TIRE TYPE) on 2nd floor

also they have a famale version !!

GO  TO  SHOP⇒⇒⇒  "Vincenra Rosca"


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