[HAIR]     boon      //   BONOOO HAIR 5COLORS PACK  B
[BLOUSON]     AOHARU      //   BT DownJK with sweater   silver
[TURTLENECK]     AOHARU      //   Cashmere Turtleneck   white
[SWEATER]     Escape      //   V-neckSweater     gray
[PANTS]     Baiastice       //   Regalwool pant  gray
[BELT]     GABRIEL      //   Orion belt   black
[SHOES]     Olso       //   Half boots   black
[PIERCE]     Blackmafia design     //   crystal pierce "OYNX"  for MEN
[RING]     Blackmafia design     //   Luxury ONYX RING  male

[JACKET]     Baiastice     //   Byron jacket   gray    
[TURTLENECK]     AOHARU      //   Cashmere Turtleneck   black
[PANTS]     Escape     //   Jockey pants   gray
[BOOTS]     Kookie     // Armarda Boots   black 
[BELT]     MANDALA     //   Saicho Belt   black

best wishes for the New Year  !!

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